Come out and try "the thinking horse sport"....Competitive Mounted Orienteering! Learn new trails, explore new places and meet nice people while having fun with your horse!

Competitive Mounted Orienteering is a nonprofit organization intended to be a safe, inexpensive and fun equine activity for all riders. Conducted in such a manner as to both encourage competition among those seeking a competitive event and to encourage casual, family style riding for those wishing a less challenging event. Competitors may ride single or in teams.

C.M.O. has often been described as a “mounted treasure hunt”. Event organizers provide maps and course outlines. Participants furnish their own mounts and compasses. Using these tools, riders search for designated “objective stations” (paper plates with letters to be recorded to prove they were found) inside a 3/4 mile circled area on the event map. Clues for each station are listed on the back of the map with intersecting compass bearings pointing at the hidden plate. The objective is to find all the hidden plates and record the letters on the plates in the shortest amount of time. Riders travel at their own pace and determine which stations to find in any order.

Each event is divided into long (10 Objectives) and short (5 Objectives) course divisions. Typical rides can cover 5 to 25 miles. Riders accumulate points for annual awards and ribbons are awarded at each ride through 6th place on the long course and 3rd place on the short course. Click HERE to go to the national ride results page.

Events are staged out of horse camps and DNR riding areas all across the state and country. Spring and summer rides are held on Saturday and Sunday with a potluck dinner and campfire Saturday nights to hand out ribbons and to visit and laugh about strategies that did or didn’t work.

You can give it a try as a day member for $5 (insurance fee) plus the regular members ride fee (about $10) per day. Annual membership dues are $30 (Families) or $20 (Individual)plus $5.00 for Washington State dues. Having a National and State membership qualifies each rider and their horse for lifetime awards. All breeds and disciplines are WELCOME! To join CMO, simply attend a ride in your area. The ride manager will help you with the application form, and your membership is valid right away! 

Come out and join in the fun with a bunch of down to earth people and have a good time enjoying the great outdoors with our horses!!

For more information check out the National Association of Competitive Mounted Orienteering website at www.nacmo.org!